Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome Fall Reading Students

Hi Reading Students,
Classes start Tuesday, September 1 for the Tuesday-Thursday classes and on Monday, August 31 for the M-W-Friday classes. We will have no school on Monday, September 7, Labor Day. If you wish to add any of the classes, please show up on the first day. Enrolled students who don't show up the first day of class will be dropped and replaced by added students.

Now that the business is taken care of: Welcome to class. Hopefully in this class you'll pick up tips to improve your college reading, including vocabulary building, better comprehension of what you read, the ability to read critically, and to help you better think for yourself.

I will do my best to teach you well, pass you, and prepare you for you future classes, however, you must put out effort as well. Sign of your interest in the passing the class would include showing up on time, getting your books ASAP, and respecting the educational environment. You will also be required to do at least an hour of lab work online each week from our class web page at http://english.glendale.edu. With English 190 comes the assignment of a book review due at the end of the semester.

The main textbook is "Introduction to Critical Reading". It is a collection of readings, poems, stories and articles. Everyone needs a copy. I use the same book for English 188 and English 190, so you may already have this book. New and used copies of the book are in the bookstore, but if you can find it cheaper on the internet at amazon.com, or any other bookseller, you can get it there. Just make sure you get the latest edition. The other book is the class syllabus. This book is available from the bookstore for about $8, but you may also download and print a free copy off the internet by going to our class web page at http://english.glendale.edu. Everybody needs a copy of this. We will work on the lessons in class, and the book must be filled in as we work and be finished by the final exam. Part of your participation grade is determined by completion of the syllabus book.

This first week we will go over classroom basic information and procedures. We will also do a preliminary standardized reading test for which you'll need a pencil and a scantron answer sheet. You must also finish the first week of lab work at http://english.glendale.edu.

Buy your textbooks and do the week 1 lab work. See you soon.