Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome GCC Reading Students

Welcome back to the Spring semester at GCC. Your first job this initial half-week is to get your textbooks. The syllabus book is a free download off the class web page, or you may simply buy a bound copy for about $7 in the bookstore. This book must be turned-in filled out for a grade at the end of class in June. The other text is the Introduction to Critical Reading text by Leah McCraney. We will use either the 6th or 5th edition. Everyone needs a copy of each book.

I'll use this blog to remind you of things coming up, also to make announcements tha you may have missed in class. First announcement for the MWF classes: I need to go to a conference on Friday, February 29th, so class will be cancelled for that day. I will also be attending a conference in Tucson on March 14.