Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Your Books!

At this point, which is near the end of our second week of school, everyone should have their textbooks. The required syllabus/wookbook is available free as an online pdf from your class web page. The remaining books should be in your hands by now, or you should be awaiting an order from or another internet vendor. There is some limited help with the cost of textbooks from a school program. See your counselor about this program.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your Log-In Records will be available Monday Morning

If you wish to see if Mr.Doyle is getting your lab work, check the link on the web page that says:

    Your lab work check-in record

each Monday morning. Finish your lab work by Saturday night; on Sunday, Mr.Doyle collates the scores, strips personal information from them, then on Monday mornings posts them on the web site. If you miss the Saturday deadline, you will need to wait a week to see if your scores are getting through.

Questions from my students...

Hi Mr. Doyle, Im XXX Im taking your English 188 class.
Im so Sorry but today i had a family emergency and i was out all day, and to top it all off im having problem connecting to the internet....ill be lucky to complete this message and send it to you.
My problem is that because of all of this going on i was not able to complete the lessons online, iv been trying to but it keeps disconnecting. i will still keep trying to log on hopefully i could get it done even dough its going to be late.

Thank you,

No problem,

take care of your family and finish your lab work later. you can do both week's work next week.


Hi Mr Doyle,am XXX in your 192 class. i was doing the the home work and i had confusion how you advance to card numbers when you get certain score. for resistance 80 percent.


After you correct your work, there is a link that says "select your next card". Don't go there. Just use the return arrow to go back, back to our class web page, then do the next lesson listed on the page.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Questions My Students are Asking...

Hi professor Doyle how r u today? this is XXX... well i am sending you this yahoo message because I am having a small problem with the LAB work u assigned us. well the problem is the understanding or the assignment, do I have to do the LAB week one? you now the assignments with the pages from the book , although i don't have the book at this moment i am not eligible to finish the assignment i was wondering what i should do?

Hey XXX:
Go to and navigate to our class web page. Log-on to the page by typing your last name first, then first name, then your GCC student ID. We are in week#1 now, so you need to do the work for week#1 before Saturday night. Do only the links marked as lessons or quizes. The lessons ask you to draw a conclusion based on the limited information in the question. There is nothing else to read, either in the book or online. You must guest the answers based on the question.

Hey Mr. Doyle, Im XXX from your English 190 class from 8:15 to 9:16. I was wondering how im really supppose to do this assignment because when i put my name, last name and I.D. number, it doesnt work, it just keeps on saying page error....So i was wondering if you can tell me how to access it right...okay Mr. Doyle.....Thank you.

Hey XXX,

I just checked it from home and it's working for me.....are you sure you're not hitting RESET instead of SUBMIT? Use SUBMIT. Also, it might not work if you have a poor connection to the internet. Try it again...


Hello Mr. Doyle,
I just wanted to double cheek that you received my work for week one. Could you email me back as soon as you receive it .


190 ( T-TH 10:45-11:47) at GCC


I checked my data and yes, your info is getting through.

p.s. Don't worry, I publish your check-in record every Monday

Hi professor Dennis Doyle this is XXX from your english 190 class, i needed some clarifying for the lab work thats due on Saturday morning. Just to confirm that im doing the right thing because im not 100% positive on what to do. For week #1 we're supposed to do lessons 94A, 94B, and 94c right? If so, are we supposed to read the selection from the media to get the answers for the questions asked on 94a, 94b, and 94c? Or are we supposed to get the information from the book, if we do i must've missed that part. thanks for the help.

Hi Mr. Doyle
Im XXX, your student of Glendale College class ENG 190.
I was trying to do the Lab. Work 1st week, but about lessons 94 A,B and C I am not pretty sure how to do it, please can you explain me a little bit that point.
Thank you


Hello Prof. Doyle,
My name is XXX and I am in your 10:15am class. I was unable to do the lab work. Reason being i didnt not understand the questions. Did we need to reand something from the book? or online? I am very responsiable about my work. this i can say will only be the time I am late with my work. Can you please explain to me how we where suppossed to answet the questions.

Thank You


No, with the 94A,94B, etc. lessons, you need to simply guess the answer based on the small amount of information given in the question. The questions are not based on any other outside readings from the media or from the book. They are trying to build in you the ability to draw a conclusion based on limited information. Give it a try. These lessons are kinda hard at first and most people only get about half of them right at first crack.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome New Spring Reading Students

By this time, I have met all my classes and things are looking good. Your task now is to get into "student" mode by getting your books as soon as possible. We will start using them next week. For the rest of this week, I will be giving you a diagnostic reading test. You will need a scantron and a #2 pencil. I will have scantrons from the Learning Center available for sale, but it's cheaper to buy your own. I also strongly recommend that you try to find a used copy of our text, Introduction to Critical Reading by McCrainey.

Be sure to finish your lab work for week #1 by Saturday night. Do all the links marked "lessons".

For my classes meeting MWF, I will be missing class on Friday, February 27; I have a conference that I need to attend. For my T-TH classes I may also be missing on Tuesday March 2. More information later.