Sunday, February 22, 2009

Questions from my students...

Hi Mr. Doyle, Im XXX Im taking your English 188 class.
Im so Sorry but today i had a family emergency and i was out all day, and to top it all off im having problem connecting to the internet....ill be lucky to complete this message and send it to you.
My problem is that because of all of this going on i was not able to complete the lessons online, iv been trying to but it keeps disconnecting. i will still keep trying to log on hopefully i could get it done even dough its going to be late.

Thank you,

No problem,

take care of your family and finish your lab work later. you can do both week's work next week.


Hi Mr Doyle,am XXX in your 192 class. i was doing the the home work and i had confusion how you advance to card numbers when you get certain score. for resistance 80 percent.


After you correct your work, there is a link that says "select your next card". Don't go there. Just use the return arrow to go back, back to our class web page, then do the next lesson listed on the page.